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Jérôme Sintes

Marocco | France

After studying modern literature at the University of Aix-en-Provence, I trained in journalism and created two participative newspapers. But what I like most of all is writing stories. So I trained as a scriptwriter and created my own publishing house: Optimisterre. As a travel enthusiast, I learned English in Ireland. I then wanted to teach French, as it was the best way for me to continue travelling. I followed the DAEFLE course at the Alliance Française and I continued to train with the CAVILAM in Vichy.

Today, I wish to help you discover the beauty of the French language and the richness of our culture.

Sophie Audren

Australia | France

Sophie, originally from Paris, moved to Australia 12 years ago and settled in Melbourne. She teaches French as a foreign language in private lessons. Having taught all ages and all levels, she now specialises in oral practice, and particularly in correcting pronunciation. Sophie is a patient and caring teacher, who knows how to put her learners at ease to help them gain confidence and progress.

COURSE ON LINE  All year long


  • Group of 4 people maximum
  • Conversation course
  • Group level
  • ATTENTION: Group courses are only open to a minimum of 3 people of the same level.
  • * quotation on request and detailed lesson plan

FACE-TO-FACE from july 10 to August 18, 2023

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Would you like to spend a holiday in France in the heart of the Alps? Alpine French School offers courses for everyone. In the summer, your child (from 6 to 17 years old) at the Summer Camp. The program includes intensive courses in the morning (from 9am to 12:30pm) and in the afternoon, sports activities or private lessons. If you also want to learn French or improve your French, you can take part in the adult course, either individually or in a group. Discover the Alps in a warm atmosphere, the Alpine French school team welcomes you all year round.

A stay with your teacher

You can also choose to go directly to the country, to the inhabitant. This is what I propose to you. A stay with your French teacher. I propose you two formulas. In winter, I live in Agadir in Morocco. A city on the Atlantic Ocean with a temperate climate. 

Check the available dates on the website of our partner SL-immersion.


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jérôme Sintes et isabelle
SL immersion
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We have been married for 3 years, but we have been living together for over 10 years. At the beginning, I had a story to illustrate and Isabelle could draw. We made our first book together, the Chocomotive, and we created our publishing house: Optimisterre. Today, we have published more than ten books together, and it is always with the same pleasure that we share our passion with others. Isabelle is also an art teacher, and she loves to teach and pass on her knowledge.

Would you like to book a stay with us?

I invite you to contact our partner SL immersion to make your reservation

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Can you accommodate children?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate children without their parents. However, we can welcome a family with one or two children.

What happens if I cancel my stay?

Please contact our partner SL immersion for these questions.

Are meals included in the price?

Meals are considered as conversation lessons. We can prepare them together to live a moment of conviviality.

How much do the meals cost?

If you have any questions about our prices, please contact our partner SL immersion.

Can I bring my pet?

We love animals, but we don’t want to take in any more because we already have three cats at home and it’s already complicated!

Can I come by car?

Yes, but Agadir is very far! You can rent a car on site or take public transport.

What happens if I fly in?

We can pick you up at the airport in Agadir (Maroc) if we cannot, you can get a taxi until our flat.

Can I come by train?

Agadir has no train station.


Can you organize an outing?

Yes, there’s three outing include.

Will I feel comfortable in your home?

We will do everything to make you feel comfortable and welcome you as a member of the family. You will participate with us in the life of a French family in Morocco.

Offer a creative workshop in your school

We offer turnkey workshops for French language schools. Our workshops are aimed at all audiences, children, teenagers or adults.

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Jérôme Sintes

Jérôme Sintes


Jérôme Sintes has been a children’s author for over 10 years and a writing workshop leader for 20 years. As a trainer of French as a foreign language, he puts his skills at the service of your projects.

I am a marketing student. I have been looking for a long time for French courses that allow me to progress quickly in conversation. Jérôme helped me to progress quickly and today I feel more at ease in conversation. I recommend him to you 🙂

Kelly O'brian

French Student, Irlande

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