A stay in France with your teacher

It’s possible to learn French in France directly from your teacher! I live part of the year in Chiroubles in the Beaujolais region. This region is famous for its fine wines, and you’ll be able to discover the different crus of this region while learning French in a warm, family environment.

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We’ve been married for 3 years, but we’ve been living together for over 10 years. Initially, I had a story to illustrate and Isabelle knew how to draw. We made our first book together, La Chocomotive, and set up our own publishing house, Optimisterre. Today, we have published more than ten books together, and it’s always with the same pleasure that we share our passion with others. Isabelle is also an art teacher who loves teaching and passing on her knowledge.

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Jérôme Sintes

Jérôme Sintes


Jérôme Sintes has been a children’s author for over 10 years and a writing workshop leader for 20 years. As a trainer of French as a foreign language, he puts his skills at the service of your projects.

I am a marketing student. I have been looking for a long time for French courses that allow me to progress quickly in conversation. Jérôme helped me to progress quickly and today I feel more at ease in conversation. I recommend him to you 🙂

Kelly O'brian

French Student, Irlande

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