A tailor-made course

Before starting the course, we offer you a 20-minute interview with your teacher. He or she will assess your French skills and then suggest a detailed lesson plan. Take control of your learning thanks to our interactive approach. If you have any specific needs, don’t hesitate to ask your teacher to take them into account during your work sessions.

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For your learning, we prefer to use authentic documents such as videos, podcasts, newspaper articles, etc.

This allows learners to familiarise themselves with French as it is actually used in everyday life. It also helps learners to understand French culture and customs in an authentic way.

The most difficult part of learning a foreign language is conversation. This requires instant understanding of what is being said, but also the ability to respond spontaneously. Conversation is an essential part of learning a language.

Understanding how a language works is essential for learning. A thorough understanding of French grammar helps you to progress more quickly. However, we prefer to make learning fun by practising the rules we learn in context.

I am a marketing student. I have been looking for a long time for French courses that allow me to progress quickly in conversation. Jérôme helped me to progress quickly and today I feel more at ease in conversation. I recommend him to you 🙂

Kelly O'brian

French Student, Irlande

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